Dear {DonorName},

This year I'm taking part in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Miracle Network Dance Marathon which is a student-run organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for Children's Miracle Network and more specifically Children's Hospital in Omaha. This is a very special event for me because it provides a fun and meaningful way for me to truly make an impact during my college years. I'd appreciate your support in helping me reach my personal fundraising goals this year, and more specifically helping Nebraska's Dance Marathon reach their fundraising goal of $200,000.

This year's fundraising will be going to 4 (or more) NICU rooms in Omaha's Children's Hospital & Medical Center! Children's is the ONLY level IV NICU in the region. What that means is that Children's has all the capabilities of other NICUs in the region, but it is the only place where every medical subspecialty and surgical subspecialty is available. Here's a video that does an awesome job explaining how your donation will help.

Donate Now!

The fundraising officially ends after our big event on February 27th. The other Dance Marathon members and myself will be on our feet for 12 straight hours dancing, playing games with Miracle children, and celebrating the results of all of our fundraising efforts. Thanks in advance for supporting the cause!

For the kids,