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Zayln is our miracle. He was born with Edwards Syndrome, also known as Trisomy 18. This is the most common Trisomy Syndrome after Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21). What makes Zayln a miracle is that 5 out of 100 children with his syndrome are born alive and of those 5, an average of only 1 makes it past their 1st birthday. Zayln has a heart defect and is tube fed. He receives therapy 4 days a week to assist in his developmental delays. When diagnosed prenatally with Edwards Syndrome many parents are encouraged to abort their pregnancy because these children in the medical field are always labeled as "not compatible with life." We are excited and privileged to show and share Zayln with the world and let people know he is definitely compatible with life.

Last year we challenged our family and friends to save "Change for Zayln" so we could bring change to Children's Hospital figuratively and physically. We brought almost $600 in change with us. This year for his birthday we asked that friends not bring gift and instead start the kick off of "Change for Zayln". We have 4 gallon zip lock bags full of money and can't wait to turn it in.